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What makes a good egg, a very good egg…crack? Readers might recognize Jory John and Pete Oswald as the author/illustrator team behind “The Bad Seed,” (2017) a picture book about a bad-tempered seed with an even worse attitude. “The Good Egg” is not quite a sequel, but uses similarly clever idioms and wordplay to impart valuable lessons to young readers. Good Egg is very good, perfect even, but the worse his carton-mates behave the better he feels he has to be. The pressure of being a perfectionist takes its toll on Good Egg until he begins to crack, which leads to a journey of self-discovery. Good Egg eventually returns to the carton and resolves to keep a better balance in life and accept those around him, even the rotten ones. Through smart text and excellent illustrations this witty book imparts a positive message of upbeat confidence.