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The Charles M. Bailey Public Library Board of Trustees are a Board of nine public officials (plus ex officio Council Chair) elected to manage staff and adopt regulations for the library. Public meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00pm. Rescheduled or special meetings are posted in the library, or in the library’s online newsletter. A separate 501(c)(3) Board, the Winthrop Public Library Foundation, exists to accept and receive financial donations and bequests. Information regarding the Foundation Board can be found at: winthroplibrary.org

Eric Conrad, Chair:
term expires: 12/31/20
Building, Finance & Personnel Committees
Email: ewalterconrad@gmail.com

Elizabeth Sienko, Vice-Chair:
term expires: 12/31/18
Building, Finance & Personnel Committees
Email: esienko@gmail.com

Paul Cottrell, Treasurer:
term expires: 12/31/20
Finance, Personnel & Technology Committees
Email: pwcottrell@gmail.com

Pearl Ames:
term expires: 12/31/18
Policy Committee
Email: phames@roadrunner.com

Mary Jane Auns:
term expires: 12/31/19
Building, Policy & Technology Committees
Email: mja4442@gmail.com

Sarah Fuller:
ex officio
Email: sarahpos@hotmail.com

Merrie Hanson:
term expires: 12/31/18
Building Committee
Email: mhanson@rizzomattson.com

Joanne Lebrun:
term expires: 12/31/20
Policy & Technology Committees
Email: jlebrun@gwi.net

Jan Tewksbury:
term expires: 12/31/19
Finance & Policy Committees
Email: giannaj@fairpoint.net

Maureen Whitestone:
term expires: 12/31/19
Personnel & Technology Committees
Email: mwhitestone@kentshill.org

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MON-WEDS: 10-6
TH: 3-8
FRI/SAT: 10-3

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