The Town of Winthrop provides funding for basic library services. The Winthrop Public Library Foundation provides funding for additional resources, programs and services that take our library to a higher level of excellence. Demand for materials, public computers and programs continues to grow, and the foundation hopes to help meet that demand. Funds donated to the Foundation are used to:

• Buy new books and materials
• Support programs such as early literacy and music programs for young children
• Host free public programs with best-selling authors, artists and community leaders
• Provide public access to computers and free instruction using the Internet
• Purchase furniture that enhances the patron experience

2019 Supporters:

Bailey Gold Benefactors:
Robert G. Fuller Jr.
Winthrop Area Federal Credit Union

Bailey Benefactors:
Bailey Ukulele Group
Paul and JoEllen Cottrell
Friends of the C.M. Bailey Public Library
Steven and Joanne Lebrun
Arthur Wells

Library Supporters:
David Anderson
Bailey Slow Jam Acoustic Group
Michael Brown
Roger and Sue Hanson
Charles Jacob and Rebecca Stanley
RLC Engineering
Judith Swaim
Kay Webster
Winthrop Veterinary Hospital, P.A.
Nancy Young

Readers Circle:
Donald and Barbara Alexander
George and Pearl Ames
Mary Jane Auns
Kevin and Susan Bell
James Blanck and Bruce McClenahan
Pamela Bone
Deborah Bright
Harold and Susan Burnett
Susan and Kelly Buzzell
The Caprara Family
Lawrence and Deborah Calder
Fred and Ann Carlton
Robert Chandler
Dave and Meg Cook
Tim and Jennifer Cunningham
Michael and Brenda Czado
Robert and Barbara Dawson
Joe and Deb Desautel
Dick and Lydia Devault
Clif Eliason
Lorraine Fleury
Ken and Cheryl Freye
Edward and Paula Gaudet
Charles and Mary Gove
Stephen Gove and Sheila Comerford
Stanley Greenberg
Dennis and Merrie Hanson
Cheryl Harrington and Dennis Harnish
Robert and Polly Hodgkins
Jill Ippolito
Michael and Chantal Jennings
Rob Johnson
Verdell and Christina Jones
Catherine Kerr and Edward Hatch
Celeste Kirschner
Paula Koeller
David and Karen Krug
Marc Lagasse
Roger and Linda LaJeunesse
Ed and Brenda Lake
David and Laurice Lee
Michael Levey
Susan Liebling
Alfred and Ruth Lund
Carol Mansfield
Reed and Penny Markley
Steve McCausland
Ernie McLaughlin
Dennis and Judy Morgan
Melvin Mounts
Matthew and Emily Mullen
Jim and Jane Norris
James and Susan Norton
Robert and Susan O’Halloran
Pamela Riley Osborn
Andrew and Emily Parker
Duane and Karol Phillips
Bill and Colleen Prescott
Patrice Putnam and Jerry Casey
Peter and Suzanne Rosenburg
Susannah Sanfilippo
Jim and Ellie Schneid
Phil and Darcy Sekerak
Michael and Elizabeth Sienko
Bernard and Mary Slofer
Eunice Stover
Donald and Nancy Stover
Robin Struck
Carl and Sylvia Swanson
Jan Tewksbury and Bob Belz
David and Ann Theriault
Robert Tucker
Trivia Night at Van der Brew
Barbara Weaver
Andreas and Natalie Weise
Betty West
David and Maureen Whitestone
Joan Wing
Jane Wylie

In Memory of:
Marguerite L. Brown
Jane Bryson
Mary Gove
Ruth Hersom
Dorcus Lucas
Billy Randall
Amy Krug Richard
Burtt Richardson
Thomas and Mary Sturtevant

Grants received to support library activities:
Kennebec Savings Bank
Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
Elsie and William Viles Foundation

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