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–>Teen After-School Space<--

The Bailey Library provides a comfortable safe space for teens to study, congregate, and read during after-school hours Monday through Thursday. The Teen Space is located on the west side of the Locashio Adult Wing. Knowledgeable and friendly staff are available for homework help, laptops are available for use, and lots of terrific college and career resources are housed in the teen space. The library also offers an ever growing collection of popular teen books and graphic novels!

Homework Help:

American Memory (Library of Congress)

Art History


Citing References

Fact Monster

Hippo Campus

History Matters

Jiskha Homework Help

Khan Academy

Study Guides and Strategies



Careers in Music

College Bound

Education Planner

Exploring Occupations

My College Guide

My Future

Number 2 (FREE online SAT, ACT, and GRE prep)

SAT Vocabulary List