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Getting a Public Library card in Winthrop is easy and free. Applications are available at the Bailey Public Library located at 39 Bowdoin St. Requirements are as follows:

Winthrop Residents
An adult age 18 and older must complete and sign an application and present:

A current valid ID with photo, name and Winthrop address (driver’s license, Maine state ID, etc.) Anyone without a fixed address may use a letter certifying their Winthrop resident status by the social service agency where he or she receives mail. (No post office box numbers)
If current photo ID does not have Winthrop address: A piece of current identification will be required (in addition to a photo ID) that includes name and Winthrop address, which may include personal check, current telephone, gas, electric or cable bill, mail with a current postmark or voter registration card. (No post box numbers will be accepted.)

A child age 17 and younger, must present a completed and signed application that includes the signature of a parent or guardian. Parent/guardian ID must be presented at this time.

Card-holders may immediately check out materials and place holds (up to a maximum of fifteen) and/or inter-library loan requests.

Nonresidents may still be eligible for a Bailey Public Library card. Requirements for nonresidents are:

Type ID needed Cost
Winthrop property taxpayer, nonresident Current ID with photo, name, address and a copy of verification of payment of Town of Winthrop property taxes. Free
Individual employed in the Town of Winthrop Current pay-stub and photo ID with name and address. Free
Student who attends school in the Town of Winthrop Proof of enrollment in Winthrop School and photo ID with name and address. Free
Other visitors Photo ID with current home address $40/year, $25/6 months, $15/3 months

Lost or Damaged Library Cards
If a library card is lost, please report it to the Bailey Public Library (207-377-8673). Members are responsible for all materials and fees charged against the library card account until its loss is reported to the Bailey Public Library. If a library card is lost, the member must pay a $1 replacement fee, and present current ID to get a new card. If a library card is damaged or broken, the library will replace the card free of charge.

Forgotten Library Card
If you have a library card but have forgotten it, you may still check out items with a photo ID.